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Supercharge Power Pack

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SUPERCHARGE your district’s professional learning with our custom-made power pack! Leverage your professional learning dollars by providing PD that engages adult learners and consistently helps them put best practices into action.

Our research-based approaches will help your PD leaders design and deliver professional learning experiences that refuel and inspire educators to make effective changes.  

This pack includes all the materials needed to ramp up your professional development sessions and SUPERCHARGE your outcomes!

The Power Pack includes:

  • A signed copy of the Supercharge Your Professional Learning book
  • Supercharge Your Professional Learning Checklist
  • Reflection Extends Possibilities Flipbook
  • Exhale Already Wellness deck
  • Lessoncast pen

All materials are safely stored in our custom pack that is built to last.


Corrugated cardboard


11 x 11 x 4 inches